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Lend a hand to provide relief to entrepreneurs and small businesses impacted by COVID‑19.

Choose how often to contribute
Choose an amount to contribute

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Set your commitment once, Kiva will make sure every dollar is lent to COVID-19 impacted individuals and businesses.

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    Choose a monthly amount to go toward COVID-19 relief that works for you.
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    Receive a monthly impact report explaining how your money helped.
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    As you get repaid, Kiva will re-lend your money and multiply 西风vpn好用下载

Why Kiva?


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It's a loan not a donation;
so when you're repaid you
can use the money again.

100% goes to the field

Your voluntary donations and
our incredible partners
make this possible.

1.9 million lenders

$1.5 billion in loans

in 77 countries

Learn more

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